Kitchen Trends 2018 / by Sharon Blaustein

I recently participated in a talk panel discussion on 2018 kitchen trends. The panel took place at the beautiful Country Floors showroom next to Union Square.
The interactive panel included the talented Domino Magazine’s Meghan McNeer who acted as the moderator for the evening, the beautiful “Dish It Girl” Food Blogger, Dina Deleasa-Gonsar and my humble self :)

A special thanks to lovely and equally talented women at The Tesla Group who organized this special event!

from left to right : Myself, Meghan McNeer and Dina Deleasa-Gonsar

from left to right : Myself, Meghan McNeer and Dina Deleasa-Gonsar

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So here you have an opportunity to get informed on the latest trends for 2018! 

Kitchen trend #1 Hidden Appliances

Integrating all appliances will visually pull the kitchen together. A kitchen design that is sleek and seamless will have the dishwasher hidden behind a panel matching the bottom cabinets and the fridge matching with the rest of the high cabinets. The appliances are meant to disappear, giving a clean continuous feel to the room. The hidden hood is a very simple, behind-the-scenes solution that eliminates smoke and odors without ever being noticed.

This trend is really not new but will most definitely continue in 2018.

Kitchen trend #2 Statement Hoods

The next trend is actually the complete opposite of the previous one, and that is Statements Hoods –In this kitchen design the hood is a focal point, a statement piece that catches your attention upon entering the room. Some new high end condos in Manhattan have kitchens that are sleek and modern featuring a hood that is big in size and sculptural with a very iconic look. One example is at 56 Leonard where the designer created a custom over sized hood above the island, another one is 180 east 88th street, where the kitchens feature a brass "scale-like" hood. You might love it or hate it, but you certainly will not be able to ignore it!


Kitchen Trend #3 Brass Accents

Another trend that will continue in 2018 is Brass Accents - Brass has been very popular for the last few years and is still here to stay. Brass adds warmth and contrasts nicely with wood and other warmer color tones. It also works well with other metals. So if you decide not to follow the first trend of integrated appliances and you do use exposed SS appliances, brass is a great option. Choosing the right brass tone is also important. Antiqued brass will look elegant and timeless rather than a shiny bright brass. Brass accents can be used in the kitchen fixtures, handles or even in the back splash. As long as it’s not overused it will look great!

Brass hardware and faucet add character and sophistication to the kitchen 

Brass hardware and faucet add character and sophistication to the kitchen 


Kitchen trend #4 Natural Stone

Natural stones are rich, warm and have so much character with their organic veining. Marble creates an elegant and sophisticated feeling, regardless of whether it has a polished or honed finish. The stone is highly resistant to heat, cracks, and breakage, but it is porous so be prepared to cook and entertain with care. Large slabs for counter tops set the tone for the kitchen, making them a focal point. Book matching creates a symmetrical mirrored image of the stone on counter and wall applications. There are many new materials nowadays that imitate real stone and are easier to maintain, but real stone is still the "go to" in high end design and cannot be replaced.

Bookmatch marble back splash (image credit Ecora)

Bookmatch marble back splash (image credit Ecora)

Dada  kitchen with a marble waterfall counter

Dada kitchen with a marble waterfall counter

Kitchen trend #5 Tile patterned back-splash

A modern kitchen doesn’t have to be boring. A patterned back-splash can create a focal point and add interest and movement to the space.  Country floors offers a new product: The Mod Glam Collection which is influenced by mid-century modern style. The marble and brass is my favorite! It's glamorous, chic and combines the two materials in a very sophisticated way. It also perfectly incorporates the other trends we spoke about. I would recommend using a solid white counter to allow the back-splash to capture your attention.

So after you have designed your perfect kitchen and want to show it off, its time to style it without making the space look too cluttered. 

My design aesthetic is minimalist and I am a true believer that less is more. The kitchen is almost always the busiest place in a household, especially mine with 3 boys eating nonstop! When I design a kitchen, I plan around how people live in the house. Are they cooking a lot? What small appliances do they use and how often do they use them? Do they need to be handy or can they be tucked away? I try to plan so everything has a place behind a cabinet especially the less attractive items.

In my favorite modern kitchens the décor comes from the materials themselves, the beautiful marble counter or back splash, the wood cabinets, etc. The decorative pieces are very minimal and should be carefully chosen.

I always prefer one center piece rather than a lot small accessories, it makes for a cleaner and more elegant look. A beautiful serving bowl with fresh artichokes or green apples will add a natural accent. Display some fresh flowers and that will likely be all the decoration you will need.

There is a wide selection of modern serving pieces that are offered in natural materials such as marble, slate and wood. Brass accents are still very popular and will look great with warm natural stone. 



Appliances like coffee machines, kitchen mixers or toasters can be a decorative piece. They come in all kinds of fun colors, some even in brass, and can be a beautiful accent piece.

Smeg retro style toasters come in fun colors

Smeg retro style toasters come in fun colors