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How to Design Your Dream Kitchen by Sharon Blaustein

There is no place like home! And there is no place in the home like the kitchen!

A kitchen is the heart of the house. It’s where loved ones gather at the end of the day for a family dinner and it's a place where friends can relax and drink a glass of wine while the food simmers on the stove. Since it is such a vital part of any home, and there are so many components, we believe it's a room that needs to be comfortable and reflect the personality of the homeowners. 

There are a few key ingredients to creating a dream kitchen:

Kitchen designed by  ODA Architecture

Kitchen designed by ODA Architecture

Space planning:

Space planning is the secret sauce for a functional kitchen. A thoughtful plan is important for the right flow within the kitchen whether you are working or entertaining (and more often than not, both!). The main component to consider is the kitchen's work triangle – the path that you make when moving from the refrigerator, to the sink, to the oven while you're preparing a meal. Make sure all three of these areas are in close proximity or easily accessible to one another.

Classic work triangle.

Classic work triangle.


Another important component to consider is the kitchen island, which acts as the centerpiece of the kitchen. It can function as additional counterspace as well as an eating area for when you're on the go. If you plan on placing seating around it make sure you have an overhang of 10” or more to allow for comfortable space underneath. You can read more on our favorite bar stool options here

Kitchen designed  Stefano Pasqualetti

Kitchen designed Stefano Pasqualetti


Countertop material:

We love natural stones! They are rich, warm and have so much character with their natural veining. However, it's important to keep in mind that most natural stones stain easily, scratch and need regular maintenance. If you like to cook, have a busy household with young kids or just don’t like to worry every time you use the kitchen, we would suggest to avoid natural stone (or stainless steel counters that scratch easily). Quartz is our go to. Brands like CaesarStone offer a huge variety of finishes ranging from stone replicas to cool, concrete-like finishes. They are super durable and need no maintenance. If you're curious about learning more about different countertops, you can read more here.

Kitchen trends:

Modern kitchens, especially in a modern home layout where the kitchen is open, are often designed to look like furniture that you will find in a living space. The appliances are mostly hidden behind panels and the kitchen cabinets are made with rich wood finishes and seamless details such as grooves and reveals to open the cabinets rather than hardware. 


A modern kitchen in our  Scarsdale Home  project designed by  B Interior

A modern kitchen in our Scarsdale Home project designed by B Interior

There are so many more ingredients to a perfect kitchen such as lighting, cabinets, drawings planning, fixtures, appliances and list goes on and on. We wanted to give you a taste of the perfect kitchen design and will go get back to you with more in our future blogs. Stay tuned!


Our Favorite Bar Stools by Sharon Blaustein

Finding the perfect stool is not an easy task! Whether you are looking to freshen up your seating options or you have just finished renovating your dream kitchen with that large beautiful island; you will inevitably arrive at the question of which bar stool will go best with your kitchen.



Luckily, we're here to help! Here are a few parameters that you should keep in mind when selecting the best bar stool for you:


We will admit, we have made this mistake (and more than once…). We found the perfect bar stool at the perfect price, ordered it and waited (and waited some more) and finally the stool was there! We opened the box and… sure enough the stool was too high to fit under the counter (or too short). A typical counter height is 36” and will require a counter stool seat height will be around 25”. If your counter is high (usually 42”) you will need a bar stool with seat height around 30”. One thing to always remember is to measure your own counters and double check the dimensions! 

The Ventura from Poliform is one of our favorites. It has clean lines, it's modern and elegant.  




Your stool should be functional just like the rest of your kitchen . When you are choosing a stool you need to consider who will be sitting on it. If you have young kids who love to smother their pancakes with Nutella, you should probably avoid fabric upholstered stools :) 

For a modern hip stool that is functional, easy to clean and comes in fun colors (you have ten to choose from!) check out the Nerd Bar Stool by Muuto.


For a more luxe look, these steel, brass and leather bar stools by Gabriel Scott have an edgy, high-end feel.


With or without back?

Backless stools are beautiful and sleek but can be less comfortable for young children and in instances where you will be spending a long time at the counter. We would recommend using a backless stool in rooms where space is limited since they can be tucked under the overhang and disappear when not in use.

The Gubi Beetle stool by the Future Perfect comes in all different configurations. It is a take on traditional Danish design with a modern twist.


With back: 















For this kitchen we chose a backless stool since there is only a small clearance between the island and the cabinets behind. When they are not in use, they are neatly tucked under.


The most important thing to remember before you rush out to buy a stool is to make sure the height, shape and material works for your lifestyle and fit with your kitchen size and design. Good luck!